Our Picks: Aging resources
Our Picks: Aging resources

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Many resources about aging are available, especially as more Boomers reach 65. The list the Center for the Ministry of Teaching (CMT) has put together for Key Resources provides an overview of the topic, with a mix of demographic studies, personal reflections, and programming tools.

The list comes out of workshops and classes I’ve taught the past few years, which are attended by people in parishes and institutions working with older populations and by those over 65 who are exploring the role of spirituality in their aging process. This last group tells me that Milton Crum’s monograph, I’m Old, is the best description and discussion of aging that they’ve found so far.

There are many other aging resources in addition to those listed on the selected bibliography that are available to help us chart our course through this time of unprecedented life spans (statistically, people who reach 65 can expect to live to 90).

While too often the word “loss” is associated with aging, anecdotally and statistically we are discovering that a better word might be “happy.” As Richard Johnson reminds us, “Each stage and phase of life is ordained by God and therefore has a purpose … each [stage] has its place; each is equally essential.”

If you have found other aging resources that we should know about, please contact the CMT.

Dorothy Linthicum (@dslinthicum) is an instructor at Virginia Theological Seminary and program coordinator in the Center for the Ministry of Teaching.

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